Foul Pole Sports gets banned from its first summer league

Foul Pole Sports gets banned from its first summer league

If you play in the Northwoods league DO NOT READ THIS ARTICLE SERIOUSLY, YOU WILL GET SUSPENDED….maybe

In 5 short months of covering college baseball we were featured in D1 Baseball (kinda). In 3 weeks of covering summer baseball we have already been banned from one league. I can promise you this it’s not going to be the last summer league to do it either. The almighty Northwoods League has decided to flex their muscles on Foul Pole and impose strict regulations on their players.

In an email sent out to the General Managers of the league they stated, “ANY type of postings, retweets or favorites to these accounts that can be attributed to your front office personnel, on-field personnel or players will be dealt with harshly”. Sounds like if you have any opinion other than the NWL is the best summer league in the universe you best keep that shit to yourself. We get that guys can’t be having their phones on the field, but to control what they favorite or retweet is CRAZY. We reached out to the NWL to explain our position, but they never responded.

Foul Pole loves to talk slumpbusters, rally dips, and the milf that’s always hanging around. Nowhere is this atmosphere more relevant than the collegiate summer leagues. Summer-ball isn’t something you want to do, but have to do. Sure we love baseball, but after about a month, the newness of the wood bat is over, the weird kid is getting on your nerves, and you’re tired of taking your shits in a stranger’s home. Hate to break it to you owners but nobody cares about winning. The last thing these guys want to do is make the playoffs and cut into those few precious days at home before reporting back to campus.


By no means were we attempting to start a war with the Northwoods League and to this day will avoid that if possible. It’s just some things can’t be overlooked. We wrote about Gandhi Gallagher getting suspended for his legendary mac and cheese tweet. Aside from the obvious sarcasm, there was no distasteful language or anything warranting punishment. We do live in America and there is this thing called the First Amendment. We did our job as journo’s and wrote about this little injustice. Who can’t relate to getting fed some bullshit leftovers from the concession stand after a game? Happens everywhere. Although some other teams have been taking some shots at the NWL after our article. Check the food that other teams across summer baseball are feasting on, brought to you by the Foul Pole Snapchat.

Does the video below warrant a potential suspension from the league? Yes, the Northwoods has a policy about phones on the field, but does the crime fit the punishment? He didn’t throw the league or the organization under the bus at all. I bet some loser freshman on helmet duty got his ass reamed but that’s about it.

Then to take the cake we got word that if any player or coach that, “tweets, retweets, likes, and favorites to these accounts…will be dealt with harshly.” They’ve made it very clear that if you challenge the status-quo it won’t end well for you. The point is that the Northwoods league is grossly abusing their power. Baseball is the only sport where your offseason is spent playing in a league for free which is run like a professional organization. Without the players they have no product. Nothing. I’m not here advocating for the paying of players. All I’m saying is, when your paycheck is dependant on 18-22 year old kids, the least you could do is feed them something a little better than shitty mac and cheese and bread.

Go ahead and retweet and share the shit out of this, maybe something good can come out of it. Unless you’re in the Northwoods that is. I guess an extra day off in a 72+ game schedule isn’t the worst thing in the world.


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