Foul Pole Guide to Choosing a Walk-Up Song

Foul Pole Guide to Choosing a Walk-Up Song

Picking your walkout is one of the most important things you can do off the baseball field that will directly affect your play. If you have the right song, it can be the difference between breaking out of that slump after a Helen Keller weekend and having a productive season, or questioning if life is even worth living. Before our individual choices, a few guidelines to use when picking your song.

  • If you have to get an edit (clean) version, dont use it. Nothing more worse than having a song that sounds like a scratched CD. “I love bad bad that’s my that’s my problem.”
  • Don’t be the guy that uses the most popular song on the radio. You aren’t original and you will most likely hear it at every away game by the home team’s shitty 7 hole.
  • Throwbacks go a long way. Nothing better than an upbeat classic 90’s song, or a good ole fashion 80’s rock ballad. Both of these will get you pumped up, as well as the rest of the team because throwbacks are timeless.
  • Timing is everything. Know how the audio people use the songs. If you are a bullpen guy, know whether or not it starts when you walk out of the bullpen or after some bullshit announcement. Or if you have a half mile walk from the on deck circle to the box.
  • Lastly, if you want to have some fun with the Freshman, have the Seniors choose their walkout. This is close as you can get to hazing these days and it just might form some team chemistry. Also, not many of them will have it played much unless they are a stud to begin with, in that case they will just become more popular with the ladies when his walk up is “Party in the USA”.

Fitz’s Picks:

Love It – Icona PopThis song was popular for about 2 months back in 2014 but it still plays. Gets the fans bouncing and that’s what you want.

All night – Big Boi: This song brings the classic instrument of piano into play which is tough to do. Can’t be a two pump chump and still use this song.

Tes Ves Fatal – Lo Mejor De: I swear if nobody uses this song for their walk up/walk out I will be pissed. I know there is a Latin out there that jams to this song everyday. Hell, I’m as caucasian as they come and love it.

Tommy C’s Picks:

Without Me – Eminem: Looking past Eminem’s political views he’s got a plethora of choices for walk outs. This is a nice blast from the past and wouldn’t get annoying over time. You have to be a starter to pull this off which is why this was never my walk out.

Let the Drummer Kick – Citizen Cope: I first heard this as a walk up by one of the most unlikable players to ever play college baseball, Nebraska’s Michael Pritchard and I respected the hell out of it. It’s a pretty subtle walk out that oozes confidence.

Take Me Home Tonight – Eddie Money: What’s beautiful about this song is that anyone in the lineup can have it. It works the same for a dude in the middle of the line up or the guy coming off the bench to lay down a bunt.

HeadBand (Coucheron Remix) – B.O.B.: I’m a sucker for a knockoff remix of any song. This rendition of HeadBand gives you just enough time to get your walk up in without any swearing. God forbid there’s a mound visit as you stroll to the plate you’re fucked.

Bryan’s Picks:

Feels – Calvin Harris: Not brand new but kind of a hidden gem. Great intro with a good beat that will get everyone in the stadium feeling good. Would need to start it about 5-10 seconds in.

This Is How We Do It – Montell Jordan: This 1995 hit is an absolute classic and all around good song. Nothing like bringing it back to the 90’s for your walk up song. Only problem is you might pump up the pitcher a little bit.

Rattle – Bingo Players: This will get the attention of the crowd and you have multiple spots in the song that you can chose from to start.

Love is Gone – David Guetta: Some personal experience here, but this is great song for a pitcher. Will hear a lot of the song and it really doesn’t get old.

Goose’s Picks:

Dire Straights – Money For Nothing: Classic rock always plays, always. The key to this one is starting it at the 1:34 mark, right before the guitar comes in hot. This one is very versatile, works for anyone in the lineup.

The Notorious B.I.G. – Big PoppaThis is my go to for a classic rap walkout. One stipulation, you have to drop dick. Minimum 10 bombs.

Bishop Briggs – River: This song forces you to walk up to the plate like you got a howitzer between your legs. You don’t have another choice.

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