Grading the Lamar Snapchat Takeover

Grading the Lamar Snapchat Takeover

If we’re being honest Lamar wouldn’t be my first pick of schools to attend in Texas but after this takeover they’ve swayed my opinion. This is one of the few times where every guy on the team that took over the Snap didn’t embarrass themselves or the program. Usually some guy on the spectrum gets his hands on the account and looks like a fool but not at Lamar. This takeover had anything from pole dancing to bare asses to a shoutout to a dude’s 10-year old travel team. The state of Texas gets a shitload of publicity in the college baseball world and Lamar receives damn near none of it. Today was the Cards time to shine and they look like a group of guys that like to have some fun and raise a lot of hell.


Lamar didn’t post mind-blowing content but it kept me engaged throughout the takeover. I’m a big fan of Lamar after the takeover..hoping we get a DM of some pole dancing later on in the season #peckemCards. My original grade for the takeover was a B+ but those longwinded horrid shoutouts at the end dropped the final grade.

Takeover Grade: B


FPS Stars & Bars Snapback – Navy Mesh


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