Terrible 10 – #10 Maryland Eastern Shore

Terrible 10 – #10 Maryland Eastern Shore

We are back for round 2 of the Terrible 10 for the 2018 season. This group of teams is bad to the bone in the worst possible way. They are the worst of the worst and the toughest to watch of any teams in the country. As we did last year with 10 days before the season we will release a team each day until we have the 10 worst teams in the country. The Terrible 10 is going to work a little different this year as these teams are the OGs of the 2018 Terrible 10. Unlike last year, this crop of teams has an opportunity to play their way out of the Terrible 10 as we will be keeping an updated list throughout the year. Let’s kick off with #10 on the list, the Maryland Eastern Shore Hawks.

There are a few teams in college baseball that mirror the plot of the movie Accepted and Maryland Eastern Shore is one of them. MESU seems like a made up place where all of these guys just kind of created a baseball team and decided to go to “school” here. Before we dig into the baseball team, the school’s mascot needs to be addressed. The athletic department either let one of the guys on the team come up with the logo or gave the duty to a grandparent with Parkinson’s. Nonetheless it’s gotta be one of the worst logos in the NCAA and MESU is in desperate need of rebranding.

Turning our attention to the Hawks baseball team, the only thing they really excel at is losing. In the 2017 campaign the Hawks went a measly 12-40 and essentially put up no fight on the road going 4-30. The MESU baseball team might be able to get off quickly in the bedroom but on the diamond is another story. These poor bastards started out 2017 with 10 straight L’s. Later on in the season, they’d have another 10 game losing skid which is pretty impressive in itself.


As is the story with almost every team on the Terrible 10, these guys flat out can’t pitch or play defense. Wes Martin was one of the few guys on the Hawks that was worth a shit. He held a 3.65 ERA over 66IP in his freshman campaign, pretty good. His 3.65 ERA from 2017 ranks as the 4th best ERA in school history….that’s not good. Wes realized that he had no shot on the  mound when he’s got the 4th worst defense in the entire country behind him, so he transferred to Shepherd University.

The offense for Eastern Shore isn’t really much to look at either. They do return their top couple hitters in Joey Nicastro (.301) and Ryan Rotondo (.297). Nicastro has unfortunately been sidelined by injuries in his first two seasons. In terms of power threats for the Hawks there’s more on the women’s bowling team because these guy’s popped just 7 dongers as a team last year.

The outlook for the 2018 season for MESU isn’t a good one. The only hope they have is they play a pretty awful schedule that includes 14 games against another Terrible 10 team.

Projection: 10-42 – they finish dead-ass last in the Northern Divison of the Mid-Eastern Conference


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