Terrible 10 – #4 New Jersey Institute of Technology

Terrible 10 – #4 New Jersey Institute of Technology

NJIT, or New Jersey Institute of Technology for all of you assholes who neglect the A-Sun..are one of the new faces on the Terrible 10 this year. The Highlanders’ 2017 campaign was one to forget as they posted a 9-40 record during one of the worst seasons in program history. For an institution that has hung around the 20 win mark in previous seasons, NJIT managed to tarnish any reputation they might have once built, and look to bounce back in dramatic fashion in 2018. If there is anything that gets a team going, it’s being on the Terrible 10. Just ask former Terrible 10 alumni Purdue. The Boilermakers managed to increase their win total by 19 and actually looked like they belonged in a slightly above average B1G conference.

If their is any positive that came out of last season, it was the strong finish by NJIT. After starting the season 4-34, they managed to go 5-6 in their last 11 games and hopefully gained some momentum going in to what I imagine being a long offseason. The Highlanders offense wasn’t what was keeping the W’s off the win column. Hitting .261 and putting up over 4.5 runs per game, if they had any bit of help on the other side of the ball, they would have broke into double digit wins…but this is where tragedy hits. The NJIT staff posted a 7.91 ERA and had 7 more walks (257) than strikeouts (250) on the season. If they want any chance of improving this season, throwing the ball over the plate would be the best place to start.

Prediction: Don’t expect to see NJIT on this list next year. The Highlanders post a 20-28 record and are becoming true contenders in the A-Sun.

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