Terrible 10 – #5 Mississippi Valley State

Terrible 10 – #5 Mississippi Valley State

The Delta Devils are back for more this year on the Terrible Ten. They were the leaders of the Terrible Ten list for the 2017 season and have slightly improved this year to #5 on the list. In 2017, the Delta Devils failed to reach that elusive double digit mark in the win column. However, they were able to increase the win column from 4 wins to 7 wins. If they continue on this pace, they will have exactly 10 wins this year which will be a huge step in the right direction. If they can keep that pace they will have 40 wins in the year 2028 which will give them a shot at an at large bid.

Once you delve into the reasons why the Delta Devils are not performing, you see quickly that there is still no defense or pitching. You can win games with horrible pitching and defense but you better have an MLB caliber offense, which the Devils are lacking. It is really tough to make up for a .942% fielding percentage combined with an opponent batting average of .323. If it were up to me, I would have these pitchers throwing knuckleballs and quick pitching. Hell, make every reliever throw submarine, sidearm, and over the top.

Prediction: We hope to see the Delta Devils go 10-31 this year, simply based on the progression they have made since 2016.


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