Terrible 10 – #7 La Salle

Terrible 10 – #7 La Salle

The La Salle Explorers are back on the Terrible 10 for the second straight season. In my prediction for La Salle last year I thought there was no chance their offense could have another Helen Keller season and could potentially win 20-games. Looking back that’s a pretty cold take. Throughout the Explorers 2017 season they found anything but victories. They finished 2017 with a record of 10-41 and 4-20 in the Atlantic-10. The 2017 season was over before it really started for La Salle as they went 0-11 right out of the blocks. To their credit they should have lost all of these games. The only main change for La Salle this year is head skipper, David Miller. This guy is a fucking stud and one of the biggest Foul Pole guys in D1. He’s also the biggest coach in D1 baseball.

Miller is going to have his work cut out for him as a majority of the La Salle baseball team doesn’t know if they hit lefty or righty. In the past two years La Salle’s team average has been .212 & .229 respectively. Coach Miller who is still relatively young still has the most talent on the roster. La Salle fortunately does return their top 3 hitters in Austin Constanti (.304), Ben Faso (.290), and Kevin McGowan (.283). The drop off after these three in the lineup is steep. I’ve said it once about La Salle and I’ll say it again: if these guys have a bat contract it needs to be voided because they need to spend their own money on bats they aren’t going to use.

For a Terrible 10 team, La Salle doesn’t pitch it that bad. They lose their top starter in Luke Reilly (3.75ERA) who always gave the Explorers a chance. Matt Holt is going to need to throw gems because I’ve got a better shot at nightly sex than La Salle does in scoring 4 runs.

The outlook for La Salle is a tough one. I want these guys to do well because David Miller seems like the coolest fucking guy ever. It’s going to be another tough season for La Salle as they don’t have a cupcake schedule. 

Projection: 13-41 – 100% their offense holds them back and finishes with under a .255 team average… hoping I’m wrong.


Fair or Foul Episode 3 – featuring La Salle Head Coach David Miller


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