Terrible 10 – #6 Lafayette

Terrible 10 – #6 Lafayette

Coming in at #6 on the list is the Lafayette Leopards. After looking at the Leopards, I would say that these guys will not be on next year’s Terrible Ten. When looking at last year’s stats and games, you would begin to think that this was a football team. When you see the box scores you see numbers like 6-24, 1-16, 7-25, 4-28, 13-9. When the Leopards lose they lose hard. They tend to need 6+ runs to win a game and usually it is more than that. So I should not even have to mention that pitching is the issue here. With a team ERA of 8.00, it is tough to hit your way out of that. Lafayette’s offensive approach has to be “get your hacks in”. That usually works if dudes are swinging and making contact…but if you’re striking out over 400 times in a season and only taking 173 BB’s it might be time to change strategies.

Last year the Leopards blew their load with the very first game of the season, a W against Notre Dame. That was possibly the high point of the year.  Their 2018 schedule does not look as daunting as last years, which is why I see these guys cracking double digits in the win column. They only had 8 big ones last year, so 2 more wins with a slightly easier schedule should do the trick. What is encouraging to see is that these guys play 50+ games in season. Too many teams do not give themselves a chance to win because they cut their season about 10 games short.

Prediction- We see the Leopards last year’s win total and going 14-40 in 2018. Their schedule is much lighter and we would hope that the coaching staff has ironed out the pitching issues.

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