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Foul Pole Sports partners with the Old North State League for Summer 2022

The Old North State League is a near and dear friend to Foul Pole Sports. With a shared affinity for ridiculous summer baseball antics, underrated programs, and roasting people on Twitter, the ONSL is a perfect fit for FPS. The Old North State League is the largest summer collegiate baseball league in North Carolina, as well as one of the top leagues in the country.


The ONSL prides itself on being a "League for the Players", by hosting games at nice facilities, sporting wacky uniforms, and finishing games by the end of July. With this in mind, Foul Pole Sports has partnered with the ONSL to host all of their merchandise and promote the league for the 2022 season. Some of their mascots include: surfing cows, angsty fruit, and household cleaning utensils to name a few.


Since 2018, the Old North State League has grown from 8 teams in two cities to 13 teams spanning from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Carolina Coast. If you're looking for a place to play this summer, or a team to support, look no further than the Old North State League.