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If you're looking for a dependable, long, strong, hard wood to stroke every weekend, look no further. Handpainted in that beautiful Foul Poul yellow, the FP69 Model of the Foul Pole series is soon to be a classic.


This model offers a large barrel, great for slugger style hitters. The barrel sits at 2.55" and transitions in a shorter taper into the handle set at .95". This bat is end loaded for a power swing and connection.


Foul Pole Sports has gone to every corner of North America searching for the hardest, longest lasting, and firmest wood possible. We offer a Pro Maple, Yellow Birch that come from the Green Belt of Upstate New York, and an Ash variety that has long been used by professional baseball players around the world. We have no doubt, that this will be the best wood you’ve ever put your hands on.

Foul Pole Series FP69