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Like corn on the cob. Allow us to introduce your new favorite wood and conversation starter. The iconic 'Slob on my Knob" wood comes with a hand painted visual of just what Three 6 Mafia was talking about back in '99.


The most basic turn in baseball bats, the FP110 model offers a larger 2.5" barrel with a taper down to a 1" handle. The standard knob is a small knob for a full grip of the bat. The FP110 is perfect for any hitting style and is great for bat speed, this is because the weight is evenly distributed throughout the taper into the handle. 


Foul Pole Sports has gone to every corner of North America searching for the hardest, longest lasting, and firmest wood possible. We offer a Pro Maple, Yellow Birch that come from the Green Belt of Upstate New York, and an Ash variety that has long been used by professional baseball players around the world. We have no doubt, that this will be the best wood you’ve ever put your hands on.

Slob on my Knob FP110